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Woman Gives Stranger Kidney; Now They're In Love | The Herald-dispatch

Ask Dr.K: Kidney stones? Drink more water - Spokesman.com - Feb. 12, 2015

Robinson's story touched McIntyre deeply. "He was so young" and had lost his father to cancer, she said. "It was devastating." The next day, she sent a Facebook message to Meiners and soon got in contact with representatives from UK's transplant program.
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For one thing, you'll be dead a lot." Did you see where Bob Dylan will play a concert in Orlando on April 19? Not saying the legendary troubadour is getting old, but have you heard his new song "Like a Rolling (Kidney) Stone?" I think it might be time for me to come out of my sports-obsessed cocoon. When my girlfriend said she wanted to see "50 Shades of Grey," I thought she was talking about the Magic's rebuilding plan. In honor of Brian Williams of NBC News making up great stories about the things he's covered, did I ever tell you about the time I caddied for Tiger when he became the first African-American to win the Masters, or the day Jimmy Hewitt and I convinced Pat Williams to help us bring an NBA franchise to Orlando, or that time when Bobby Bowden asked me for a play-call suggestion against Clemson and I told him he should try the Puntrooski? Sentinel colleague Brian Schmitz says the Magic's new tanking mantra in hopes of getting the No. 1 draft pick and choosing Duke star Jahlil Okafor should 4mm kidney stone picture be "Chill for Jahlil." Here are my top three: (1) Shill for Jahlil; (2) Sink, not soar, for Okafor; (3) Refuse to score for Okafor!
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Shame on Jesse Jackson for turning Little League cheating into a racial issue - Orlando Sentinel

This can cause severe pain, bloody urine, nausea andvomiting. If youve had one kidney stone, youre at increased risk for another. Thats because you probably have a tendency (based on your genes, your diet or both) to form kidneystones. New guidelines say the best way to prevent a second kidney stone is to drink lots of water.
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Big Budah?s blog: A bad week gets a bit better | fox13now.com

I spent two days home from work with kidney stones, and the pain was kicking my tail. Fortunately, I was able to salvage kidney stone surgery stent the week and end on a positive note with the Jordan High School girls basketball team winning their last game. I had another more personal win, as I was able to work out at home in spite of the pain from the kidney stones. I am scheduled to remove the stone in March, so relief is in sight and I look forward to that. Thank you so much for all the support and for pushing to keep me honest! I hope everyone has a happy Valentines Day!
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